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Why you need a pool heater!

Heating your pool is the best way to maintain a comfortable water temperature. Pool heaters extend the fun your family can have later into the cooler seasons. Probably the best question you should ask yourself is - What is involved in heating your pool? It can be overwhelming and confusing for a lot of people! Finding the best quality equipment that delivers the highest energy and operational savings can be challenging. Let’s look at the benefits and the propane heater option.

Benefits of Heating Your Pool

The benefits of pools are undeniable: fun, exercise, socialization, entertaining, stress reduction, and many more. It goes without saying that you’ll want to enjoy your pool as long as possible these days.

Heating your pool…

  • Allows swimming on cool days and nights
  • Increases your pool season by allowing you to open earlier and stay open longer
  • Expands your home-based exercise options
  • Increases your activity and time outdoors
  • Upgrades your exercise and entertaining options
  • Improves you and your family’s overall comfort and enjoyment

Options for Heating Your Pool

All methods of heating pools introduce heat into the water. This can be done in several ways, but the most common option is utilizing propane heaters. Our energy-efficient pool heaters have up to a 95% efficiency rating which means you save more on the heating costs without sacrificing heat output. Not only do we install premium brand pool heaters but we also run the gas lines, supply the tanks and provide the propane as well! You can trust in Mitchell to transform the way you use your pool, providing years of enjoyment for both you and your family. Learn more about your options and get recommendations from our pool heater experts by calling (800)237-3835 or submitting your information for us to get back to you.