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Summer Cooling Tips

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1. Keep your home at a consistent temperature.

Summer is hot and on those really hot days it can take several hours to drop the temperature inside your home. To get ahead of heat buildup you want to set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature (74 degrees) and keep it consistent throughout the day. This will allow your system to work efficiently and keep up with the daytime heat.

2. Keep your ac condenser free and clear from debris.

Airflow is key to your outside condenser for it to work correctly. Obstructing airflow to the condenser will make your AC system work harder and less efficiently. The area around your condensers should be clear of objects and debris (leaves, weeds etc.).

3. Reduce solar heat!

Windows are great in a house because it provides you with great views and lots of ambient light. However, windows also allow sunlight to heat the inside of your home. Use room darkening sun shades to reduce sunlight into the home on sun facing windows. Some homes or businesses can invest in solar reflecting coatings to help reduce the transfer of heat from the outside.

4. Summer heat checklist

  • Check that all thermostats are on COOL mode and not set to OFF or HEAT.
  • Check if the outside condenser is blocked and if air filters are clogged inside the air handler.
  • Make sure all AC and air handler switches are on as well as all circuit breakers to power the units.
  • Check that air vents are set to an open position in all your cooled spaces.
  • Check for signs of ice on the outside condenser unit. If there is ice, turn the thermostat to the OFF position and turn the fan from AUTO to ON. The ice must melt before service can be performed.


If you have any questions or concerns about your cooling system, please call us at (855) 798-1589 to speak with our service department. We also provide AC service plans that help keep your system running at peak performance.