I just wanted to express my tremendous appreciation for your service during the [October 2011] snow storm. We called for a delivery of gas and you promised that you would do your best, but were only a...

-- Wilton, CT Customer
Combined Heat & Power Units

We have recently completed installation of an Ecopower Combined Heat & Power Unit (CHP) at our New Milford Car Wash. Marathon Engines, the creators of Ecopower, as well as representatives from the Propane Energy Research Council came with a professional camera crew to capture this notable installation for education purposes.

Watch the video here:

Mitchell was recently selected by Marathon Engines as the region’s exclusive provider and servicer of these units. CHP is an energy-efficient and earth friendly technology that uses propane or natural gas to produce heat while also generating electricity for your home or business. Customers with large hot water requirements may be ideal candidates for Ecopwer. To see if you would benefit from a CHP install, call our office today at (800) 237-3835.

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