It’s nice to deal with a company where everyone from whoever answers the phone down to the final delivery are polite, responsive and do what they say they will in a fine workmanship like manner....

-- Sherman, CT Customer

In the Beginning…

Norbert E. Mitchell, Sr. was fresh out of the Army in 1945, when he returned home to Danbury and purchased his first oil truck. It was spruced up with a new coat of paint and a sign which read “Just Finished Serving My Country, Now Ready to Serve You.” With a dream and a great deal of determination, Mr. Mitchell embarked on a venture that would grow and prosper over the years. His accomplishments far exceeded even his own expectations.


In those early days, Mr. Mitchell operated his fuel oil business in Danbury. Eventually, he opened an office and bulk plant in New Milford also. In the sixties, property at 7 Federal Road was purchased and developed into the Company’s main plant. Over the years, adjoining lots were purchased to expand the facilities.

The Johnson Propane Company was merged into the operation in 1987. Mr Johnson and Mr. Mitchell had been friends for years. Now this alliance brought over 50 years of bottled gas experience into the company and greatly expanded our customer base.

The Redding Oil Company was acquired in 1989. This affiliation expanded operations appreciably in the Ridgefield/Redding area.


Today, the Norbert E. Mitchell Co., Inc. is a multi-faceted enterprise providing the community with a variety of energy products and services at the wholesale and retail levels. From Kent in the north down to the Long Island Sound, from the Hudson River in New York on east to Southbury, CT we deliver home heating oils, propane, gasoline and other motor fuels. We design and install state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems to maintain comfort for tens of thousands of residential and commercial customers. Our well-trained technicians maintain everything we sell. As a branded distributor for Gulf and Sunoco our clean and attractive gas stations care for the needs of the motoring public.

Over seventy years ago, one man with a truck envisioned a business devoted to serving the needs of the community. For three generations, the Mitchell Family has been making that dream come true. We are deeply grateful to the community for making this possible and promise that we will not forget our humble beginnings. We will always be “Ready to Serve You.”

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